Co-creating sustainable cities


Our story:

The global population is constantly growing, not least in the cities: Each week, three million people move from the countryside to cities around the world.

The urban challenge can seem overwhelming, but it is also an opportunity for companies with sustainability and innovation in their DNA: How do we create livable solutions for tomorrow’s societies?

BLOXHUB aspires to bridge architecture, design, construction and digitization and to connect companies, researchers and organizations to help create solutions for a good city life and ultimately reach the UN Development Goal 11: to make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. By creating an eco-system of stakeholders within urbanization, we provide what we believe is the best conditions for connecting, sharing and scaling businesses that create cities for people.


BLOXHUB was founded on June 3, 2016, by Realdania, the City of Copenhagen and the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs. It is a non profit member association for companies, research institutions, organizations and municipalities.
The BLOXHUB association is agile and comprises a board, a secretariat and two categories of membership: the once who live here and the community members.



founding partners

Opening of BLOXHUB June 2016: Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs Troels Lund Poulsen, Realdania CEO Jesper Nygård, BLOXHUB Director Torben Klitgaard and Lord Mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen.

The team

The team


Torben Klitgaard

HUB Director

+45 6120 4690 /

Mette Øbro

Hub manager

+45 2566 6308 /

Kristine Barenholdt Bruun

Chief Communications Officer

+45 2081 3695 /

Helle Stendorff
Head of Events & Activities

+45 2080 9798 /

Frederik Tauber
Chief Commercial Officer

+45 5321 2706 /





Community Manager

+45 2032 7473/




We're a non-profit organization and elect a board every two years.


Lars-peter søbye

ceo, cowi A/S (chairman)

jørgen bardenfleth

Chairman at Arkitema et al (Vice chairman)

anne skovbro

CPO at Realdania


bruce katz

Centennial Scholar, Brookings Institution, Washington DC

Michael krag rasmussen

Senior Vice President at Velux and Chairman at Design Society

thorkild ærø

Managing Director at SBi / Danish Building Research Institute


jens lundsgaard

Deputy Permanent
Secretary, Ministry of Industry,Business and Financial Affairs

Søren tegen pedersen

Director, City of Copenhagen

jacob holm

CEO at Fritz Hansen, Chairman of Danish Architecture Centre