Are you the newest member of the BLOXHUB Startup Campus?

BLOXHUB Startup Campus is an integrated part of BLOXHUB. It enables startup businesses to develop solutions and services within urban innovation facilitated through network and matchmaking.

When you join the Startup Campus you and your business get access to an interdisciplinary innovation environment and our comprehensive and growing network of collaborators. You will be seated in an open office space surrounded by other startup’ s, SME’s, public organizations as well as large enterprises connected to BLOXHUB.

Who are you?

If you and your business is working within the field of construction, urban tech, design and sustainability, BLOXHUB Startup Campus is for you. Maybe you’re an architect, an engineer, designer, a software developer or a creative development business who wish to use our vast and growing network of members as a stepping-stone for your business to grow.

What do we offer?

We provide our 3-step process for startups:

  1. Screening (we do a screening process of your business).
  2. Mapping (we map the challenges your business is facing).
  3. Matching (we match you with appropriate members of our network).

By joining the Startup Campus you’ll be able to tap into the BLOXHUB network and activities including:

  • Matchmaking on a regular basis 
  • Workshops and events

You will also get access to BLOXHUB’s labs, including:

  • Prototyping Lab
  • VDC Lab
  • VR Studio
  • Data Lab
  • Video Studio




Price: 2995DKK per person/month.

VAT is not included in the price.

This includes:

  • Desk Space
  • WIFI
  • Conference room
  • Cleaning


  • Cantina
  • Coffee

Give us a call and learn more:
Frederik Tauber, Chief Commercial Officer, +45 5321 2706 /

Contact Frederik