BLOXHUB is an urban innovation hub that brings together companies, organizations and researchers to co-create solutions for better cities. BLOXHUB is founded on the belief that the challenges of global urbanization and climate change require a new collaborative approach and is set to be a Nordic launchpad for future urban solutions and a gateway to the Danish and Nordic markets for international companies.

BLOXHUB is located in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark, a great inspiring urban environment. Here, the members develop global solutions with a Nordic approach – that cities should be created for people.

The Urban Challenge
By 2050, two thirds of the world’s population, approximately 7 billion people, will live in cities. This massive global urbanization presents a major challenge to the way we design, build and think of urban environments in the future. BLOXHUB is designed to meet this challenge.

Torben Klitgaard, BLOXHUB Director:
“By bridging architecture, design, construction and digitalization, we can unlock the full potential of cities as engines for growth and development and as places where people want to live. A stronger collaboration across sectors is crucial to creating better cities.”

Co-Creating Better Cities
With 550+ desks in a state-of-the-art building, designed by OMA, access to a global community of hubs, tailored matchmaking workshops, accelerator programs and export services, BLOXHUB Co-Working Space creates an environment for sharing ideas, thoughts and opportunities. In short, BLOXHUB is a platform for connecting, sharing and scaling businesses that create better cities.

BLOXHUB is co-founded by the philanthropic foundation Realdania, the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs and the City of Copenhagen.


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BLOXHUB was founded on June 3, 2016, by Realdania, the City of Copenhagen and the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs. It is a non profit member association for companies, research institutions, organizations and municipalities.
The BLOXHUB association is agile and comprises a board, a secretariat and two categories of membership: the once who live here and the community members.



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founding partners

Opening of BLOXHUB June 2016: Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs Troels Lund Poulsen, Realdania CEO Jesper Nygård, BLOXHUB Director Torben Klitgaard and Lord Mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen.