Prototype Lab

Work hands-on in these three small cubes with prototype development:

Low Fidelity Lab: Turn your idea into a rapid cardboard prototype.
High Fidelity Lab: Digitize prototypes with 3D scanning & printing.
Material Lab: Gain knowledge about materials and more.


Video & Podcast Studio

Film and record your interviews, company showcases and debates. The Studio is equipped with the latest video technology, sound devices and has work stations available for editing and post production. The studio is mobile which makes it possible to film in other locations.

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VR Studio

Experience the projects of tomorrow today. The BIM studio is a 3D cinema with a 270-degree view to present projects as virtual 3D models. Use the studio for user involvement sessions, validation, quality assurance, staff training, and showcasing products.

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Data Lab

Data Lab is your platform to work with data-driven urban development. The lab provides software that supports analyzing, visualizing and comparing datasets thus understanding the urban environment.

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Simulate construction projects from the early phases to operation. By executing the project virtually before you put the shovel in the ground, you can visualize workflows, ensure buildability, and address risks. You can also book the lab for workshops and creative gatherings.

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Graphic Garage

Two iMacs with Adobe and video editing programs. It’s as simple as that. Come by the Graphic Garage if you need to create illustrations or 3D artwork, design websites and mobile apps, or create logos, icons or typography.

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