BLOXHUB Summer School on Interdisciplinary construction management with productivity, learning, and innovation

The current 4th evolution in construction is based on specialization and a large degree of prefabrication and product industrialization, and product- and process complexity is increasing, resulting in errors, time delays, and budget overruns. The course aims to focus on the cohesion of the building case, which is why the course trains the participants in practical exercises from selected building project and building parts. Participants work on implementing horizontal and interdisciplinary collaboration and building management, and how to improve productivity at a learning and innovative site. Particular attention is paid to retail planning, the building process, and the delivery system, and how the current consultants, contractors, craftsmen, and suppliers can collaborate and coordinate their management. The module is carried out with 5 days of theory and practical exercises, which are supplemented with home assignments, and concluded with further development and dissemination of these over 21⁄2 days. The module is a follow-up of the results in the two GI and Realdania supported projects: The Builder’s Competency Lift and Effective Building Logistics in practice.