BLOXHUB Summer School on mediation, conflict management, finance, and construction law

The module touches on the theme “Mediation, conflict management, finance, and construction law”. The module is based on the method of mediation, including the upcoming AB18 system’s conflict staircase and is targeted at practitioners within the building industry, advisors and decision makers, including engineers, architects, designers, etc.
The module is expected to be ready in 2019 and is conducted as lectures and workshops, where participants work in groups and deal with known problems from the building industry. The module will build on the experiences the Mediation Institute has achieved during the initiative “New ways for building conflicts”, as the method is implemented with practitioners from the building industry in two tracks:
– Prevention of conflicts by using the method of mediation in the cooperation during the construction process, e.g. in the use of PRIME (project integrated mediation.)
– Conflict management when the conflict has arisen and in relation to the contract law.

The module aims to equip the players in the construction industry to use constructive conflict resolution in the conflicts of construction, partly with a focus on creating concrete and rapid conflict resolution, partly with a focus on maintaining the cooperation relations among the building parties on both horizontal and vertical level.

This course is in Danish.

More information will be added continuously