BLOXHUB Summer School: Transformation and renovation – architecture, sustainability and construction technology

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Course Description

The course provides knowledge of the theory and history of transformation architecture, skills in the application of the methods and tools of transformation architecture, craft techniques and materials, as well as competences in project production and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Learning Outcomes

Theory is taught in theory and history, method and tools, as well as techniques and materials in different teaching formats: lectures and study circles, work and building site visits, as well as practical drawing board and workshop exercises.

Target Groups

Craftsmen, constructors, engineers and architects with an interest in transformation and renovation of buildings.

Course Structure (schedule)

Three sessions of a total of 6 days duration.

Important Dates

Spring 2020.

Application Procedure

Not yet determined.


The course is held at KADK in Copenhagen and at EUC Nord in Hjørring.