Privacy Policy

Whether you are a member of BLOXHUB, visit our website or otherwise are in contact with us, we always collect and process your personal data in accordance with applicable legislation and guidelines. You can read more about how we process your personal data in our Privacy Policy below.

BLOXHUB’s Privacy Policy is divided into the following sections:

1. Data Controller and Contact Information

2. BLOXHUB’s Processing of Personal Data regarding:

2.a Visitors to the website

2.b Subscription to newsletter

2.c Members

2.d Personal contact

3. Security

4. Your Rights

You can read more about how we process your personal data depending on your relation to us in paragraph 2 below. Paragraph 1, 3 and 4 apply to everyone we process personal data about.


1. Data Controller and Contact Information:

Bryghuspladsen 8, 3. floor
1473 København K
CVR no.: 38 78 55 39
Phone: +45 22 22 46 36

2. BLOXHUB’s Processing of Personal Data

2.a Visitors to the Website

BLOXHUB collects personal data via the website We collect and process personal data about visitors for a number of purposes, including:

  • Statistics
  • Optimisation of user experience

The personal data we collect about the visitors on our website is general internet data about your visit and your IP address. When you visit, our web server registers your visit using so-called cookies, i.e. small data files that collect web statistics. The web server primarily saves general internet data connected to your visit – including which pages you have visited, the time of the visit and the duration of the visit. We use this information to compile traffic statistics on our website. We also register your computer’s IP address.

Read more about BLOXHUB’s Cookie Policy.

We do not collect personal data about you from third parties. The data that we collect via our website is not sold to third parties.

We work with third parties who comply with GDPR policy. To request information about our third parties please contact us through:

It may also, under certain circumstances and according to applicable law, be necessary to disclose data to public authorities or the police.

2.b Subscription to Newsletter

When you subscribe to BLOXHUB’s newsletter we register the email address and name that you have submitted. We use the information to send you the newsletter and to compile statistics on the subscribers’ use of the content of the newsletter.

The data is stored by our data processor. A few appointed employees at BLOXHUB have access to the list of subscribers. The information about the individual subscribers is immediately deleted if you cancel your subscription. Opt-out can be done directly from the newsletter using the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email. You can also contact to be deleted.

2.c Members

BLOXHUB collects and process personal data regarding contact persons in member companies for several purposes, including:

  1. Signing up for newsletter
  2. Participation in events
  3. Sending out invitations, news and other information about BLOXHUB
  4. Marketing in general
  5. Ensuring that your personal data is updated

The personal data we collect on contact persons in our member companies are name, title, company, address, email, phone numbers, etc. The data is collected when you submit it to us. The data is used, among other things, to register you in our member system, to sign you up for our newsletter, to send you invitations, news and other information about BLOXHUB and in connection with your participation in our events.

We only use your personal data to send you member offers if your company is a member and you have given us your explicit consent. However, if permitted by law, we can contact you without ob-taining your consent beforehand. You can always specify if you do not wish to receive email or other information from us in the future.

We do not disclose your information to others, unless you have given your explicit consent to do so. We do not collect personal data about you from third parties. The data that we collect from our members is not sold to third parties.

Your personal data will be deleted when we no longer need to process them in relation to one or more of the abovementioned purposes. However, statistical data can be processed and stored for longer time in anonymised form.

2.d Personal contact

BLOXHUB also collects and processes personal data that you have submitted to us verbally or written via personal contact such as phone, e-mail or physical encounter. The personal data collected are contact information such as name, title, company, address, email, phone numbers, etc. The purpose is to be able to take contact to you again later in relation to relevant professional matters within BLOXHUB’s field and your area of interest.

3. Security

BLOXHUB will of course process all data with confidentiality and in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation. If you sign up at our website, we follow the Danish Data Protection Agency’s requirements and recommendations for transfer of personal data via the internet.

Who can Access your Data?

Only those of our employees who are directly dependent of the data to be able to perform their duties have access to your data. All employees are subject to confidentiality.

In general, all data is used only within BLOXHUB.

BLOXHUB may, however, give access to appointed IT partners to work with the database system containing personal data if the reason is operation and development of our website and member platform. Also, in relation to BLOXHUB’s match activities personal data may be disclosed to our trusted business partners who process these data on our behalf under our instructions and in accordance with our Privacy Policy and other applicable confidentiality and security measures, including the General Data Protection Regulation.

Security and Storage of Data

BLOXHUB’s internal processes are designed to secure the protection of the quality and integrity of your personal data.

The data submitted to our website is encrypted when transferred between the user’s browser, the website and on to BLOXHUB’s internal membership system. The process follows the requirements and recommendations of the Data Protection Agency.

4. Your Rights

You can, at any time, obtain access to the personal data you have provided to BLOXHUB. Furthermore, you have the right to object to the collection and further processing your data. In addition, you can require us to delete, restrict or correct data.

You have the right to receive the data that you have provided to us, in a machine-readable format, and to have your data transmitted to another data controller.

You can, at any time, revoke any consents you have made. We will then delete your data, unless we can continue the processing on another legal basis.

If you wish to access your data, to have them corrected or to revoke a consent, you can contact us via e-mail at or by phone +45 22 22 46 36.

Right to Complain

If you wish to complain over the processing of your personal data, please contact us by e-mail or phone as specified above. You can also contact the Danish Data Protection Agency, Borgergade 28, 5., 1300 Copenhagen K.


Last updated October 2019.