Global Partners

A BLOXHUB Network for Urban Innovation

BLOXHUB’s GLOBAL PARTNERS is a key network of high-level profiles located all over the world and with one thing in common: the motivation to support BLOXHUB’s mission to create better, sustainable cities worldwide.


Malthe Slemming

Vice President, Dalux

Oslo, Norway

Anne Høyer

Managing Director, GSH Tech Agent

Paris, France

Tomas Bruun

Vice President North America, 21-5

Boston, USA

John Sytmen

Founder, Sytmen Consulting

Istanbul, Turkey

Kristian Riis

Founder, Nordic LA & Co-founder, Home.Earth

Los Angeles, USA

Thomas Bay

Managing Director, ISS Middle East

Dubai, UAE

Peter Moerk

Peter Mørk

Managing Director,

Copenhagen, Denmark

Pamela Groberman

Managing Director, Pamela Groberman Media and Public relations

Vancouver, Canada

Laura Lykkegaard

Nordic House South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

Flemming Kristensen Global Partner BLOXHUB

Flemming J. Kristensen

Founding Partner, Krifcon

Florida, USA

Michael T. Hansen

Managing Director, Nilfisk Pacific

Sydney, Australia

Koen Bogers

Koen Bogers

CEO, Stedin Group

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Maria Budtz Global Partner

Maria Budtz Sørensen

Project Manager, DVDL

New York City, USA

Werner Frosch

Partner & Managing Director Germany, HENNING LARSEN

Munich, Germany

Kirsten Hasberg

Sustainability Advisor, Self-employed

Berlin, Germany

Martine Kildeby

Martine R. Kideby

Head of Strategic Partnerships, BLOXHUB

Copenhagen, Denmark

I wish to contribute to the network´s objectives with my experience, knowledge, and expertise within international business development. Moreover, by participating in the BLOXHUB´s Global Partner Network I seek to get inspired by peers, and the great initiatives and projects BLOXHUB is facilitating.

Malthe SlemmingVP at Dalux

I have always had an interest in urban development, smart solutions on all levels, and after visiting BLOXHUB a couple of times the past few years, it was not difficult to say yes to this opportunity.

Laura LykkegaardNordic House South Africa

BLOXHUB can tap into my vast database, relationships and network in the real estate sector. Also, I have strong collaborative skills to enhance the direction & platform an idea/project needs.

Pamela GrobermannManaging Director, Pamela Groberman Media and Public relations

BLOXHUB is a very important platform for making our cities better. I do believe that the approach to development and community is something that is beneficial in a global perspective.

Kristian RiisFounder, Nordic LA

I have been a Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador for many years where I am assisting Greater Copenhagen, and as I am living in a foreign country, I enjoy being able to bring an “outside in” look at Denmark. By joining as GLOBAL PARTNER in BLOXHUB, I see an opportunity to share my network and my experience to further promote Danish Smart City technology and way of thinking, living and designing.

John SydmenFounder, Sytmen Consulting

I joined because I've already been working on introducing Danish know-how and technology to urban development in the North American market. The GLOBAL PARTNER network provides an opportunity to make a bigger impact and become a part of it.

Flemming KristensenFounding Partner, Krifcon

BLOXHUB has since the beginning had a special place in my heart. To represent BLOXHUB means that not only do I get to be surrounded by some of the best in the industry, I also get to connect the world to the hub. Being part of a movement that enables the world to build a sustainable urban future is both challenging and inspiring and I could not be more proud.

Anne HøyerManaging Director, GSH Tech Agent

I joined the GLOBAL PARTNER network because I want to connect with BLOXHUB Urban Tech startups and scale ups and help them grow profitably internationally. I also want to connect the BLOXHUB Urban Tech innovators and corporates to interesting and interested parties in my international network in The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Middle East, the US and Asia; and vice versa.

Koen BogersBoard member, Advisor & Investor

I work a lot with networks and has been involved in creating the BLOXHUB Global partner network, as I believe, Denmark has a lot of human resources, ambassadors and competences who would like to participate in assisting our hub for urbanization.

Peter MørkManaging Director,

I joined the GLOBAL PARTNER network because I believe the challenges of tomorrow can only be solved through cross-disciplinary and global exchange of knowledge and ideas, and that cities will play a big role in creating a more sustainable future. I have kept strong ties to Denmark since moving to New York 4 years ago, and I am thrilled to see BLOXHUB developing and taking on a leading role in connecting people around the world who are passionate about creating more sustainable, human-centered cities.

Maria Budtz SørensenProject Manager, DVDL


The GLOBAL PARTNERS and BLOXHUB are a symbiose with both parties benefitting from the partnership. The GLOBAL PARTNERS support the BLOXHUB mission by opening doors to urban development projects, cross-border collaboration, market trends, network and much more.

For the partners BLOXHUB represents an access point to the Nordics including our unique network, local authorities and partners. Furthermore the partners can use BLOXHUB as their working space when they visit Copenhagen.

Martine Kildeby

Would you like to hear more or learn how to join our Global Networks? Please contact me and I’ll get in touch.

Martine Kildeby, Global Network Manager
Tlf. +45 2268 4648