With an enclosed office space in BLOX or Fæstningens Materialgård (FMG), you’ll be a part of the BLOXHUB ecosystem and gain access to shared facilities in both buildings.


Desks with a historic view of Copenhagen
Available from June 1st

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Frederik Tauber, Chief Commercial Officer
E-mail: fta@bloxhub.org
Tlf. +45 53 21 27 06

Membership of BLOXHUB

As a resident, you need to be a member of BLOXHUB, the Nordic hub for sustainable urban development. Here, you are introduced to global and local partners and can participate in workshops, debates and programmes. Membership of BLOXHUB is compulsory for residents in the co-working space and not included in the price.

DKK 4,000 / year
excl. VAT

1-5 staff members

DKK 8,000 / year
excl. VAT

6-50 staff members

DKK 20,000 / year
excl. VAT

50+ staff members

DKK 10,000 / year
excl. VAT

Knowledge institution

If you sign up in the third quarter of a calendar year (after June), the price is 75% of the price of a full year. If you sign up in the fourth quarter of a calendar year (after September), the price is 35% of the price of a full year. Resignation requires written notice three months before the end of a calendar year, i.e. before October 1.