How can we make cities more liveable using digital technology? The initiators of PRIX BLOXHUB INTERACTIVE from Copenhagen, the European metropolis for design and architecture, approached us with this central question. Based on the 40 year history of the Ars Electronica Festival and more than 30 years of experience from the Prix Ars Electronica, the promotion of creative potential through a competition with accompanying forms of presentation and communication was a logical consequence, and the PRIX BLOXHUB INTERACTIVE was born.

Technology has a great influence on how we shape our future; but technology alone won’t save our world. This requires on one hand the promotion of creative potentials, but on the other hand also an understanding of technical solutions and the transfer of transdisciplinary know-how. In addition, the potential of critical thinking must also be promoted in order to expose the gaps of technology enthusiasts and business profiteers. The PRIX BLOXHUB INTERACTIVE takes a very specific position in the context of questions of urban development and urban strategies and wants to set milestones here: The local context in Copenhagen is as important as questions of urban development in an international context. The competition has been divided into two categories: On the one hand, there is the question of EXCELLENCE, works that have already been realised in the international field. On the other hand, it’s about exciting new ideas, CONCEPTS, which are waiting to be realized and which are submitted primarily by younger local architects, urban planners, designers or artists. We are curious to see which ideas and implementations will be proposed. And we are sure that the goal is within reach, since interesting and exemplary works and projects will not only be presented – they will also enter into the discourse with the city and its inhabitants. In other words, they will make us think about what kind of ideas and initiatives makes an urban living space worth living in. And as soon as there is an increased debate on the topic, the PRIX BLOXHUB INTERACTIVE Initiative has already achieved its first goal: whether in Copenhagen or beyond.

The world, the man-made home erected on earth and made of the material which earthly nature delivers into human hands, consists not of things that are consumed but of things that are used. If nature and the earth generally constitute the condition of human life, then the world and the things of the world constitute the condition under which this specifically human life can be at home on earth.” – Hannah Arendt, The Human Condition.