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We believe, that the global challenges of urbanization and climate changes require new ways of thinking. Therefore, we are have partnered up with with the AEC Hackathon Organization to create AEC Hackathon @ BLOXHUB. Here, engineers, architects, developers, cool nerds, tech experts, design thinkers, anthropologists,  and great minds are rethinking traditional patterns and hacking their way into a better urban future.

What is AEC Hackathon?

AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) Hackathon is an organization that, since its origin in 2013, has held events in numerous locations; e.g. Berlin, Shanghai, and Paris. It was created to give those designing, building, and maintaining our built environment the opportunity to collaborate with cutting-edge technologies and its developers and designers. Over the course of three days, teams compete against each other while trying to find solutions for the problems they face in their everyday work.

It has quickly become a community of innovators that include all elements of the built environment, not just AEC.

Check out some of the projects from our 2019 event:

Team VXT - Winner: Best Project

“Contender”, powered by VXT, helps you find your most relevant government AEC tenders by applying text mining and semantic technology in an easy-to-use user interface.

EU awards 100 billion € annually to the AEC sector through public procurement tenders. However, AEC companies have a hard time finding the relevant tenders from many fragmented sources and languages. This is because current search functions are keyword-based and search interface for tenders require users to fill in long input forms. Our solution, “Contender”, powered by VXT, helps AEC companies find the most relevant government tenders. We use text mining and machine learning to pull together all the tenders published daily throughout EU and enable semantic matching to AEC companies based on free-text descriptions. We leverage advanced algorithms that understands the meaning of texts across many languages and domain jargons and bring AEC companies the most relevant tenders with simple free-text search without long input forms. We ensure that AEC companies can best tap into the 100 billion € pool of tenders and never miss out on relevant AEC contracts.

Team B.O.B.

An AR based app that intends to help with early stage approval of projects by allowing neighbors to interact with a 3D model of a local project, giving them the opportunity to weigh in early in the design phase while concerns can still easily be addressed. The goal is to present the user with an intuitive interface, while optimizing the pipeline for the architect and giving the municipality a platform to better get in touch with their citizens.

In a time when our cities are changing at an increasing speed it is becoming difficult to keep up to date. When being informed by the municipality about an upcoming project you as a citizen get the possibility of simply pointing your phone at a QR code that takes you to a 3D Model of the project. Here you can drop yourself in to the model, allowing you to examine it from for example your apartments perspective, overlay it over the actual site and to send feedback. The platform closes the link between the public and the architect allowing for a direct communication and fast evaluation.

Team General rule

How do you optimize the number of apartments in any given building volume? A problem with the potential of saving countless hours for architects and developers.
Using algorithms to assist in optimizing investments and improving architecture in the early stages of a construction project.

3 ways to participate

In general, there are three key ways you can participate in AEC Hackathon @ BLOXHUB

1# Identify a challenge in your everyday work

2# Work with one of the pre-posed challenges.

3# Show up individually and join a group

You can join individually, with a colleague or with a group. If you join with a group, be prepared to open up your group for participants from other companies, during the hackathon.

Reflect upon and identify potential challenges to address beforehand. It can be from your everyday work life or a larger challenge in your organisation or industry which you are curious to address with fellow designers or developers from the industry.

Check out the 2020 Event page


Q: How will the event proceed?
A: The event will run over the course of a weekend, from Friday to Sunday. Get to know the format HERE

Q: How do challenges work?
A: There will be different challenges proposed by companies, but feel free to work on a challenge of your own.

Q: Can I join with a team from my job and work on a challenge of our own?
Definitely! We encourage you to bring your colleagues, although we recommend joining forces with other participants as well.

Q: How do I become a partner?
That is fairly easy! Send a mail to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: How do I become a participant?
That is no problem! Registration is possible through HERE

Q: What does my ticket include?
A ticket to the event includes:
– Access to BLOXHUB’s Members lounge and Residents Area during the event, including our facilities such as a VR Studio, 3D printers, workshops, meeting rooms, and more.
– Food, drinks, and snacks during the event.


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