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Join BLOXHUB, the Nordic Hub for Sustainable Urbanization and gain access to a global and local network, facilities and activities. As a member of the community, you get access to an ecosystem and tailored partnerships that will help you connect, share and scale your business. Choose the options that suits you – and let’s co-create our urban future!

member benefits

Some members have their address in the co-working space in the heart of Copenhagen while others visit for programs, events, networking or for using the community space with labs, a members lounge and meeting facilities.

Community space

The BLOXHUB Community space is a shared space to build trust and partnerships. It is located in twin locations in downtown Copenhagen in the historic Fæstningens Materialgård from 1740 and the new BLOX Building. BLOXHUB is an ecosystem of small and large companies, cities, organizations and research institutions that work to create better cities. We introduce you to this relevant network through a wide range of events and community-based activities. As a BLOXHUB member, you have exclusive access to the facilities.

  • Free access to the Members Lounge – your satellite office in Central Copenhagen.
  • Rent AV Meeting and Conference Rooms. Choose between four meeting rooms (4-18 people), a conference room (max 76 seated people), and a project space (max 30).
  • Free access to VR Studio and Prototyping Lab with 3D printing and scanning, and renting options for Video & Podcast Studio.
  • Free access to the Arena for talks, debates, learning sessions and more. The Arena is a cool open space with a huge screen, sofas, chairs and tables.
  • BLOXHUB Debates: We help you create a cool debate and provide venue and facilitator for free.
  • BLOXHUB Bar: Join the Thursday bar every month and get to know your community
  • BLOXHUB Breakfast: Join your fellow BLOXHUB members for breakfast every month in the members lounge.

For booking, prices and more info please feel free to contact us.

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Matchmaking & partnerships

Through carefully tailored partnership programs and matchmaking with selected delegations, you’ll meet new partners, projects and opportunities.

  • Matchmaking: Meet up with the BLOXHUB team 1:1 and help us map out your challenges, goals and competences. This gives us the best starting point to match you with the right people. For more info please contact CEO Torben Klitgaard.
  • Delegations: A great number of global cities, developers, and large companies apply to visit BLOXHUB and interact with the community. We screen every delegation for relevance and match them with the community. Feel free to contact Head of Global Networks Jakob Norman-Hansen for further info.
  • Urban Partnerships: A bold BLOXHUB program addressing the construction and city challenges that we are facing today through global partnerships. As part of the program, we facilitate workshops abroad and in Denmark with a carefully selected team of experts from our community and local partners. Program Director Lotte Breengaard will be at your disposal for further info.
  • Science Forum: This forum includes a science cluster and a series of talks and debates with a scientific approach and plenty of room for mingling and knowledge sharing. The purpose is to help bridge science and practice within construction and urban development. For more info please get in touch with Science Manager Pernille Berg.
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DKK 4,000 / year
excl. VAT

1-5 staff members

DKK 8,000 / year
excl. VAT

6-50 staff members

DKK 20,000 / year
excl. VAT

50+ staff members

DKK 10,000 / year
excl. VAT

Research Institutions

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    The price is 75 % if you sign up in the second quarter of a calendar year (April-June), 50 % in the third quarter (July-September) and 25 % in the fourth quarter (October-December). Resignation requires written notice three months before the end of a calendar year, i.e. before October 1.

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