BLOXHUB is an ecosystem of 260+ small and large companies, cities, organisations and research institutes that work to create better cities.

Some live in one of our two co-working spaces – some just tap into the network with access to activities, digital labs and the Members Lounge.

As a member, you gain access to activities, the Members Lounge, 3d printing & scanning, access to a VR studio, a data lab, a video studio & renting possibilities of conference rooms.

How would you like to BLOXHUB? Check out the options below:

Activities, forums and events

Pitch sessions, debates, accelerator programs, match making, export and more. The BLOXHUB activities are carefully designed to let you connect, share and scale.

Down town Copenhagen hot spot

With full access to the BLOXHUB Members Lounge and roof top terrace, you’ll always have a convenient place to work, meet up, expand your network and drink coffee with new collaborators.


Experience the projects of tomorrow today with the VR Studio – a 3D cinema with a 270-degree view. As a member, you can gain access to six labs located in BLOXHUB, e.g. a Prototyping Lab, a VR-Lab, A Data Lab and more.

Serendipity between great minds

Through carefully tailored matchmaking, you’ll get the opportunity to meet new partners and opportunities. Every day we match members with potential new business partners. Matchmaking is the DNA of BLOXHUB.

Meetings in BLOXHUB

As a member without office in BLOXHUB, you can rent a variety of conference rooms. For booking requests, please email: 

Membership fee depends on the size of your company

1-5 employees:

DKK 4,000 p.a.
Discount in second half of start up year 2018: DKK 1,500 p.a.

6-50 employees:

DKK 8,000 p.a.
Discount in second half of start up year 2018: DKK 3,000 p.a.

50+ employees:

DKK 20,000 p.a.
Discount in second half of start up year 2018: DKK: 7,500 p.a.

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