The BLOXHUB programs are tailored to support the businesses of our community members. Every program has a strong focus on partnerships – because the urban challenges that we are facing are too complex for any company to have all the answers alone.

Urban Partnerships

From idea to business. The Urban Partnerships Program offers local and global matchmaking with partners and projects through innovation workshops and counselling that help unleash the potential of your business.

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International Networks

Not a part of the BLOXHUB ecosystem yet?  Together with our members and partners throughout the world, our mission is to create a better urban future. Something that we can only achieve through partnerships. Therefore, we invite all international partners to join us.

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Tech Match

Danish SMEs in the construction industry are invited to provide an easy-to-do & quick application to enter into collaboration with a high-end EU tech start-up to solve a specific business challenge by utilizing know-how and technology such as AI, robots, BIM, IoT, software & sensors.

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The Urbantech program is a global accelerator program for startups within the urban tech space. Together with the partners of the program, startups will scale their businesses and further the development of sustainable cities. 

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Science Forum

Knowledge, Science and Data are crucial when it comes to making the best possible solutions for our cities. Therefore, we bridge science and practice through the Science Forum.

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Circle House lab

Circular House lab gather more than 80 circular frontrunners across the building industry, with the aim to develop the future national and European circular building standards.

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