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Knowledge, Science and Data are crucial when it comes to making the best possible solutions for our cities. Therefore, we bridge science and practice. By providing a third space for researchers and professionals, we ensure and explore common ground through talks, conferences and networking.

Science Networks

The science networks develop new knowledge and share it within the network and with the BLOXHUB community. This helps us ensure an important sharing of knowledge between research and practice:

Smart City Research

2017 – 2020: This network consists of nine industrial PhD’s & postdocs and their advising companies and universities. All of them are working within the Smart buildings & Smart cities agenda.

They share learnings with each other and with the BLOXHUB community to spread out important knowledge to the industry.

Circular Built Environment

2020-2023: 15 industrial PhD’s and postdocs will form this new network beginning in late 2020.  All research projects will focus on a shift from a conventional Construction Industry to a Circular Resource Economy.

They will share learnings with each other and with the BLOXHUB community to spread out important knowledge to the industry.

Grand Solutions

From 2021: Through the Grand Solution program, companies and research institutions join forces to solve the construction sectors challenges with the transition to a Circular Resource Economy.

All participants will be part of a network curated by BLOXHUB focusing on knowledge-sharing, inspiration, and networking.

The Grand Solution Network is expected to launch in January 2021.

BLOXHUB Summer Schools

The next BLOXHUB Summer School is on urban resilience and created in collaboration with  SDU and Aalborg University.

It will bring together practitioners, policymakers and researchers and provide multi-disciplinary knowledge and perspectives on global and local challenges for urban resilience in the North and South.

It is carried out through online sessions twice a week in June 2020. Some of the sessions will be broadcasted from the BLOXHUB webpage.

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Science Events

Our science events are tailored to increase knowledge sharing between research and practice.

Through Science Talks, we present new and inspiring research on sustainable urban development.

Through Science Conferences and Grand Lectures, we provide knowledge, engagement and dialogue between researchers and practitioners.

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papers & articles

Our Science Networks will document their results. Keep track of the newest articles and papers:

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