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In 2023, Realdania funded three game-changing projects aimed at propelling the circular economy in construction. These initiatives, stemming from our Circular Built Environment Network, were presented at an event that showcased the practical value of applied science in transforming the construction landscape. 


 The spotlight first fell on ‘Material Stories,’ a project led by Lene Damsbo Brix of Circue involving more than 20 researchers and partners. As Lene Damsbo Brix stated, ‘We have created a language for how to talk consistently about recycled materials – so we can compare, and thus know what we are talking about – enabling clear comparison and comprehension.’ 


By creating a digital knowledge framework and dialogue tool, the team – in conjunction with Twin Transition, Enemærke & Petersen, and The Royal Danish Academy has enabled communication of different value-creating aspects of recycled materials, making recycling materials easier and equipping decision-makers with the knowledge needed to drive meaningful change.


Frederik Agdrup of Tredje Natur took the stage next, unveiling a vision of sustainability in outdoor spaces. Partnering with Enemærke & Petersen, the project explores the vast potential of reusing and recycling materials. Their work sets the foundation for a more sustainable construction ethos, grounded in practical case studies.


The event culminated with “Guide to Social Commissioning and Post-Occupancy Evaluation,” spearheaded by Vibeke Grupe Larsen of the Danish Association of Architectural Firms, in collaboration with AART. This initiative equipped architects with the tools and insights needed to champion social sustainability in their projects. 


By emphasizing the importance of post-occupancy evaluation, the guide will enable stakeholders to drive meaningful change, creating buildings that not only function efficiently but also enhance the well-being of their occupants.


 As this event marks the culmination of the CBEN Network, Science Director Ditte Lysgaard Vind reflects:


“I couldn’t be happier with the impact these projects are having. They show what can be achieved when industry stakeholders come together with a shared vision and commitment. Thank you to everyone involved”.