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BLOXHUB is the Nordic hub for sustainable urbanization. Founded on the belief, that the challenges of global urbanization and climate change require partnerships and new ways of collaboration.


Bryghuspladsen 8, 3.
DK-1473 Copenhagen

Fæstningens Materialgård (FMG):

Frederiksholms Kanal 30
DK-1220 Copenhagen


Vester Voldgade 129
1552 København V


Phone: +45 22 22 46 36

Opening Hours Reception and Members Lounge:

Monday-Thursday: 8-17
Friday: 8-16
Saturday-Sunday: Closed


Please get in touch. We would love to talk with you.


Torben Klitgaard


+45 6120 4690 /

Mette Øbro

Chief Administrative Officer

+45 2566 6308 /

Ana Andjelkovic

Administrative Assistant

+45 2222 4639 /

Augusta Neimann-Møller

PA to the CEO

+45 42253925 /


Ditte Lysgaard Vind

Chief Innovation & Science Officer / Part of the Management Team

+45 3137 0166 /

Lotte C. Breengaard

Program Director Urban Partnerships

+45 2268 4643 /

Jakob Norman-Hansen

Director, Global Networks & Partnerships

+45 6119 2695 /

Martine Kildeby

Martine R. Kildeby

Director, Global Networks & Partnerships

+45 2268 4648 /

Jacob Rask

Director, Regenerative Built Environment Network

+ 45 3139 7226 /

Jule Rumpel

Science Program Coordinator

+45 22 68 46 44 /

Cornelia Jakobsen

Strategic Project Manager

+45 3139 6569 /

Sofie Lynge Jespersen

International Manager

+45 5365 2938 /

Emil Friis Andersen

Student Assistant Global Networks and Strategic Partnerships

+45 22 46 67 29 /

Mads Lønne

Student Assistant Urban Partnerships

Alberte Skriver Møller


Aase Højlund Nielsen

Project Manager DESIRE - New European Bauhaus

+45 3161 6709 /

David Law Jensen


+45 5365 3721 /


Ann-Britt Elvin Andersen

Chief Communications Officer / Part of the Management Team

+45 6130 7819 /

Ditte Frisk Hansen

Communications Officer

+45 2268 4642 /

Louise Jacobsen

Louise Jacobsen

Graphic Designer

+45 3139 6432 /

Hanna Liv Leanderdal

Communications Consultant


Signe Galschiøt

Hub Director

+45 2032 7473 /

Christina Oppermann

Commercial Director

+45 2222 4638 /

Cecilie Dujardin

Event Manager

+45 3133 5019 /

Jón á Steig


+45 2222 4636 /

Anna Viola Weber

Commercial Assistant

+45 22224640 /

Coco Amalie Guldsborg

HUB Assistant

+45 2268 4647 /


Mikkel Doctor Jacobsen

Facility Manager

+45 20813695 /

Mathias Hedegaard Dindorp

Facility Manager

+45 2268 4641 /


Mathieu Dessoy

Service Manager

+45 2268 4645 /

Tue Steen Andersen

Service Assistant

+45 2268 4646 /

Odeta Vasare

Service Assistant


Andrea Kiss

Service Assistant

Rakshya Khatri

Cleaning Assistant

Nan (Ali) Zulqaman

Cleaning Assistant

Mubashar Hassan

Cleaning Assistant

Gobinda Prasad Chaulagain

Cleaning Assistant


We’re a non-profit organization and elect a board every two years.

Helle Søholt

Founding partner and CEO, Gehl, (Chairperson)

Helle co-founded Gehl with Prof. Jan Gehl in 2000. Jan Gehl retired in 2011. Helle has developed Gehl to be a global recognized leader on Urban Strategy and Design, with offices in Cph, NY, and SF and a networked organization also working from Germany, Portugal, Spain and Dubai. Gehl is a member of the kyu collective.

Jørgen Bardenfleth

Symbion, Accelerace, et al (Vice chairperson)

Jørgen has 25 years of experience as General Manager of U.S. tech companies HP, Intel and Microsoft. Prior Jørgen spend almost 10 years in California and R&D in tech companies. Currently, Jørgen is the Chairman of growth house/research park Symbion A/S housing more than 700 start-ups in 6 locations in Greater Copenhagen, and on the board of business accelerator Accelerace, 3D consulting and solution provider CN3 and BIM Genetics among others.

Lennie Clausen

Head of Program, Realdania

Lennie is Head of Program with responsibility for strategy, projects, and activities within the fields of housing, innovation, and sustainability in the built environment. He has a background as a researcher at the Technical University of Denmark and BUILD, Aalborg University within Construction Management, Building Economics, and Innovation in the Construction Industry.

Indy Johar

Co-founder and CEO, Dark Matter Labs

Indy Johar is an architect, co-founder of 00, and most recently Dark Matter - a field laboratory focused on building the institutional infrastructures for radicle civic societies, cities, regions, and towns. He has taught, and lectured at various institutions including the University of Bath, TU-Berlin; Architectural Association, University College London, Princeton, Harvard, and MIT.

Lene Dammand Lund

Rector, The Royal Danish Academy of Architecture, Design and Conservation

Lene has been Rector of the Royal Danish Academy since April 2012. After working with Danish and international design studios, Lene Dammand Lund was editor of the Danish architecture journal Arkitekten (1995-2002). She has also served as managing director of SLA Landscape architecture (2006-12). Among other boards and honorary posts, she is member of The 2030-Panel, an advisory body established by the Danish Parliament's All Party Coalition, and The Architects pension.

Line Groes

Founder and CEO, IS IT A PLANE

Line founded IS IT A BIRD in 2011, a strategic innovation agency specializing in turning human understanding into new business opportunities. Line has developed IIAB into a recognized player in design thinking and has worked for brands like Nike, Carlsberg, and Clarins. Line exited IIAB in 2021 to pursue new adventures and is now working as an advisor for different start-ups and NGOs in her new company, 18th of November.

Anders Thusgaard

Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry Of Industry, Business And Financial Affairs

Anders has been Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Business, Industry, and Financial Affairs since April 2021, where he is responsible for a range of policy areas, including green strongholds, creative businesses, and tourism. He is a member of The Danish Board of Business Development, a member of the board of directors of Creative Denmark, and represents the Ministry of Business, Industry, and Financial Affairs in the Partnership of Danish Architecture Center.

Kasper Guldager Jensen

Co-Founder, Home.Earth

Nanna Westerby Jensen

City Of Copenhagen

Anders Bengtsson

Head of Innovation, Hub North, EIT Urban Mobility

Thomas is an expert advisor for the real estate industry, focusing on commercial urban and real estate development. He has more than 20 years of experience as a consultant for Denmark’s largest real estate companies ensuring that the projects – primarily funded by pension companies and investment funds – materialize in successful future-proofed strategies and concepts for urban quarters and properties.


BLOXHUB was founded on June 3, 2016, by Realdania, the City of Copenhagen and the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs. It is a non profit member association for companies, research institutions, organizations and municipalities.

The BLOXHUB association is agile and comprises a board, a secretariat and two categories of membership: the ones who live here and the community members.


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