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On May 15, 2024, our Science Forum will be launching the new network initiative, “Applied Science Forum,” which aims to enhance the construction industry’s ability to utilize applied research as a driver for innovation. The initiative signifies a significant step towards greater knowledge sharing in the industry by establishing an interdisciplinary collaboration platform that connects professionals with both research and industrial environments.

The new network for applied research targets construction industry professionals and alumni, as well as current and prospective researchers actively seeking to contribute to innovation and transformation across disciplines.

The network is funded by the philanthropic organization Realdania under the overarching theme “Towards a Regenerative Built Environment,” linking the industry and scientific institutions through Ph.D. and postdoctoral research projects. BLOXHUB has previously served as the coordinator for the network, “The Circular Built Environment Network,” and is thus building upon past experiences.

The new network platform is designed to foster dialogue and collaboration between current researchers and alumni, with the aim of refining and elevating research in the construction industry. It also provides companies seeking to integrate applied research with a gateway to new knowledge, ensuring that vital research findings are shared across disciplines and sectors.

Jacob Rask, program manager at BLOXHUB, underlines: “We aim to create an epicenter for transforming the built environment. Therefore, we are bringing together researchers, industrial professionals, and companies in a clubhouse, fostering the cross-pollination and knowledge sharing necessary for innovation and the green transition of the entire construction industry.”

The network is organized through steering groups to ensure structure and progress, and participants are expected to engage in network activities, debates, and discussions actively.

BLOXHUB invites all interested parties to participate in the network launch on 15 May 2024, at 15:30. Registration via our event page: Applied Science Kick Off