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Ditte Lysgaard Vind (aged 36) is the newest member of the BLOXHUB Leadership Team. Her role at BLOXHUB will be to spearhead the professional development tracks, oversee BLOXHUB’s international partnership programs, and serve as head of the Science Forum program.

We sat down with Ditte to get a closer look at the person behind the title. Who is the new Chief of Innovation, and what visions does she have for BLOXHUB?

Q: What motivated you to accept the job?

A: Accepting this position was a decision I didn’t take lightly.  Initially, I was brought on board as an external consultant to devise a new strategy for the Science Forum. However, it became clear to me that I couldn’t merely create the strategy and walk away; I felt a deep sense of responsibility to see it through to fruition.

Q: What do you consider to be your most important role at BLOXHUB?

A: My most crucial role will be to drive progress at an accelerated pace. We are tasked with the monumental challenge of reshaping how we build our cities. Our goal is to bridge industries, bringing research and novel solutions to meet the existing industry. My strength lies in perceiving, analyzing, and conceptualizing needs and potential, ensuring that we move forward in the right direction.

Q: You are a well-established expert in the field of circular economy and passionate about the green agenda. What drives you personally?

A: I would describe myself as a stubborn optimist. There is a wealth of climate data out there showing that the climate situation isn’t promising. However, my personal drive comes from having a problem-solving mindset and from collaborating with like-minded individuals who are determined to make a difference. Also – I see the urgency of what I do. Since I started working with the built environment eight years ago, I haven’t looked back.

Q: What new initiatives can we expect to see with you on board?

A: You’ll probably notice increased activities – from our events and meetings to the diverse individuals who frequent our space. The intersection of innovation and the existing industry is where solutions are found. We can curate these encounters. Furthermore, I envision BLOXHUB as a clubhouse for the brightest research talents within the area of city and building—a space for open discussions and innovative solutions.

Q: How do you plan to position BLOXHUB – nationally and internationally?

A: We already host numerous international programs that make us visible, but we need even more synergies and aspire to be the place where all threads converge. In Denmark, we have a fantastic heritage across architecture, green technology, and collaboration – we must remember to dare to raise ambition again. We should lift our gaze and become better at collaborating on solutions that use planetary boundaries as a positive, creative constraint, making Denmark relevant as a global problem solver.

Q: What do you see as the most urgent tasks at hand?

A: Scaling. Numerous initiatives and projects pave the way for improved cities and buildings. Unfortunately, they often lack the necessary scalability, causing us to miss out on positive climate effects and the insights crucial for societal advancement. This transformation impassions me and is the development I aim to elevate at BLOXHUB. The problems are of such magnitude that we need collective contribution to find the solution – that aligns both purpose and business. We need to push that stubborn optimism.


Ditte Lysgaard Vind is an expert in circular economy and design. Her expertise primarily lies in accelerating the transition to circularity.

In addition to being one of Denmark’s leading experts in the field of circular economy, Ditte Lysgaard Vind founded The Circular Way, a consulting firm specializing in circular economy. In recent years, she has also been an associate partner at Lendager.

Ditte is the author of several books, including “Danish Design Heritage & Global Sustainability” and “Changemaker’s Guide to the Future.” Furthermore, she serves as the chairperson of the Design Council. She is a board member of various companies and organizations, including the Danish Design Center, the Council for Sustainable Construction, and UNLEASH, an international SDG innovation lab.