Tech Match

Tech Match is a funded tech transfer program targeted Danish SMEs from the construction industry. The application is easy-to-do & quickly filled out. Simply define a specific business challenge and fill in the form below.

The construction industry calls for efficiency!


The global construction industry holds efficiency potentials of 50-60% - McKinsey*


The utilization of new technologies solely accounts for up to 15% - McKinsey*

*Read the McKinsey report here

Tech Match is funded by Realdania and facilitated by FundingBox and BLOXHUB.

How it works

Tech Match will match Danish companies in the construction industry with a high-end EU tech startup, providing technology such as AI, robots, BIM, IoT, software & sensors.

So, what’s the purpose? The Tech Match funding program will help Danish companies to integrate new technologies into their development work. In the end, this will help create a more efficient and sustainable construction industry.


FALL 2020

Fill out the quick application form below (becomes visible from 3. September 2020) to show your interest in the program.


FALL 2020
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The Tech Match team will get in touch with you, and have a chat about your challenge, and then they will try to make a good match between your company and a high-end EU tech startup.


(more info soon)

If your project is approved, and Realdania selects your project, your 6 month Tech Match funding project starts in January 2021. The funding covers up to € 50.000 salaries and up to € 50.000 for prototyping (tech, materials, software, consultants etc.).

Funding up to DKK


DKK 750.000 = € 100.000

The background

In Denmark, many small and medium-sized construction companies have innovative and sustainable solutions, but not necessarily in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and how to implement them.

Conversely, many EU tech startups have cutting edge technologies and special skills – but not a direct focus on the construction industry as a field of operation.

Tech Match Winners

The first five Tech Match projects have been selected. Browse through the cases and see what kind of challenges they will work with for the next six month:

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