Odico A/S (Denmark) + Sentin GmbH (Germany)

Mold modules for concrete constructions are widely used in the building industry, and they are often rented out on a project basis. Cleaning and repairing of the mold modules are critical activities since there is no automated solution and the work is done manually.

The development of a functional prototype for the world’s first fully automated robot system for reparation and cleaning of mold modules. Through an AI-driven process, the costs of maintenance will be greatly reduced.

A stationary robot cell facilitates the analysis of a module and assesses whether cleaning or repairing is necessary. Then, a robot control framework coordinates the movements of the robot to initiate cleaning or repairing.

The solution automates a heavy and straining manual work process, and replaces it with an effective, robotized workflow. This reduces the direct costs for cleaning and repairing of mold modules by up to 50 percent, and the downtime of modules is also reduced.


Asbjørn Søndergaard
E: asbjorn@odico.dk
T: +45 81 40 68 84

Dominik Nestler
E: dominik.nestler@sentin.ai
T: +49 151 67 706 078