Ennogie ApS (Denmark) + Inwebit (Poland)

Developers and housing associations increasingly wish to build sustainably, especially according to DGNB-certification. Roof replacements are only done every 30-50 years, making it imperative to choose sustainable solutions today rather than tomorrow.

The integrated solution combines digitalization, building materials, and financing, and makes it possible to offer developers and housing associations a free roof replacement to a sustainable and active roof.

Ennogie’s smart meters collect, distribute, and settle production- and consumption data from the electricity production of the roof and the subsequent distribution to the individual housing units. All of this is available through a user interface.

The solution can help accelerate the green transition in the built environment by making the solar cell roof an independent economic unit. By choosing a sustainable roof, the total carbon footprint of the building will be reduced, and the solar cell roof pays for itself at the same time.


Lars Brøndum Petersen
E: LBP@ennogie.com
T: +45 53 56 27 54

Mariusz Paszkiewicz
E: m.paszkiewicz@inwebit.pl
T: +48 519 827 120