GXN (Denmark) & NORDPHOS ApS (Denmark)

Requirements for green certifications in the built environment have increased, as have the demand for circularity in the industry. Sustainable and intelligent solutions for the reuse of sewage water are sought after for buildings and their surrounding areas.

The introduction of decentralized and circular water management solutions in the built environment present possibilities which is currently unavailable on the market.

The solution will filter sewage water locally, before biological decomposition sets in, by the way of tight membranes. This will produce a clean and nutrient-rich water fraction that can be used for irrigation of parks, recreative areas, and for growing crops in and around the building.

Instead of breaking down nutrients and carbon in the water, which happens in conventional water purification, this solution retains it in order for it to be used for crops and energy production. This way, the water can be purified decentralized and reused locally.


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