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Innovative solutions are the key to face challenges, and that is exactly the problem-oriented approach of the Tech Match program. A Danish construction SME is facing a challenge that can be solved with the technology of a European startup. After applying for Tech Match, they get matched to work together in projects and pilots to digitally transform the construction industry into a more efficient and sustainable sector.

Five new matches have just been paired to start an exciting 6-month journey from January to June of 2021. The matches will be supported by BLOXHUB and Funding Box in a 2-year initiative funded by Realdania. These are the Tech Matches that are supported in the second round of the program:

1. Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) for the Conditions at Construction Sites
Danish SME: HD Lab + Austrian tech startup: HEBI Robotics

A collaborative robot will replace the manual and physically demanding work in connection with renovation and demolition in the construction industry. A robot system developed by HD Lab is currently attached to a scaffolding and requires a robot operator to manually move the scaffolding into position before the grinding tool mounted on the robot can grind lead-containing paint from interior walls on the construction/demolition site.

The goal of this project is to be able to build a prototype AGV as a platform for a grinding robot. This will enable the design of a versatile, flexible, modular and self-propelled AGV platform that can navigate the specific environment on construction/demolition sites and will thus enable the withdrawal of humans from the harsh, dangerous, dusty and noisy environment.

2. EcoBuilders – fossil-free emission from construction sites through digitization
Danish SME: Enemærke & Petersen TRUST Projektkontor + French tech startup: SENSINOV

A step towards a fossil-free emission construction site will be developed via the collection of CO2 data to document the effect of effort towards reductions for all involved parties.

The data collection will be automated with a digital sensor-based solution that monitors construction machinery and supply, bio-diesel, etc. The solution will be developed with a specific case on an E&P construction site in collaboration between the TRUST project office and Sensinov.

3. Evalo – Robot for cleaning and repairing mold modules for concrete construction
Danish SME: Odico A/S + German tech startup: Sentin GmbH

The Evalo Tech Match develops an innovative robot solution for cleaning and repairing mold modules used in concrete construction. The goal is to automate one of the most costly processes in the international concrete mold industry, which until now has no technological solution but is driven by manual labor. The project will develop a functional prototype system in which an Artificial IntelligenceI-based identification of dirt and damage to panels is used to drive an adaptive robot process for cleaning and repairing the molds.

4. Sunbird – sustainable solar cell roofs and energy communities for housing associations
Danish SME: Ennogie ApS + Polish tech startup: Inwebit

Building developers and housing associations increasingly want to build sustainably, especially according to DGNB certification. However, most solar solutions available on the market do not have an aesthetic and architectural expression that adds value to the construction. The Sunbird business model will enable developers and housing associations to invest in aesthetic renewable energy solutions, without increased costs or rent increases for residents.

The Tech Match will result in a solution to collect, distribute and settle production and consumption data from the roof with integrated solar cells and the subsequent distribution to the individual housing units. This will be done by setting up smart meters and connecting via mobile data network in a platform and user interface for the housing association and the individual resident.

5. Automatic BR18 functionality testing with IoT sensors
Danish SME: CxWeb ApS + Bulgarian tech startup: High Performance Creators

A complete solution will be created for the testing and documentation of building regulations functional requirements. As a consequence of construction scandals, a general need for standardization in construction and increased focus on control and documentation of buildings’ installations and facilities this project will enable an automated and accurate method for control and documentation. Specifically the solution will increase effectiveness in the construction process and provide higher quality of new buildings by applying smart monitoring devices and automation of the process.

If you want to be part of the Tech Match program and benefit from it, stay tuned, the third and last open call will be launched in Q1 2021 next year.

Read more about the Tech Match program HERE