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On Tech Match Demo Day, all the matches from our four rounds of Tech Match presented their solutions to the audience, and we celebrated their innovative and collaborative contributions to the built environment.

Our Tech Match program has resulted in 18 innovative solutions, making the built environment more efficient and sustainable through tech and partnerships. On June 23, we hosted a big celebration – Tech Match Demo Day – for all the matches that have been a part of the four rounds of Tech Match.

On Tech Match Demo Day, the matches had a chance to pitch their solutions to an audience. All the matches had prepared tight and sales-ready pitches, lasting no longer than 3 minutes, to give a brief introduction to their solutions and collaborations. They presented how their solutions fitted into and would improve the market through increased cost and time efficiency, lower carbon emissions, and improved wellbeing for workers and end-users.

Apart from the pitches – and the accompanying music and applause – the day was filled with expert panel discussions, “match booths” where matches could elaborate on their solutions, and networking opportunities.

Bringing Innovation to the Built Environment

Tech Match has been developed as a collaboration between BLOXHUB, FundingBox, and Realdania, who has also funded the initiative. The goal was to combine the knowledge and know-how of different kinds of companies to ensure a solution-oriented approach to innovation in the built environment.

At Tech Match Demo Day, the match companies presented their solutions to the audience in 3-minute pitches.

In the first three rounds of Tech Match, we have paired Danish SMEs and European tech startups to solve specific challenges in the building industry. Together the matches have co-created, tested, and prototyped tech solutions and services like AI, robotics, IoT, and smart homes.

In the latest, fourth round we have paired Danish tech startups with bigger Danish companies for pilot projects to make stronger connections between startups and the established industry and further develop business and solutions.

During the panel discussions on Tech Match Demo Day, experts pointed to the value of the different solutions and the matchmaking and innovation behind them. Making the built environment more efficient and sustainable takes partnerships and a willingness to collaborate.

Many of the matches also highlighted the opportunities that have presented themselves through the Tech Match program – from being listed on the stock exchange, to international aspirations. And all the match companies emphasized that collaborating was necessary to create their solutions.

Meet the Matches

All the match companies of Tech Match gathered on the stage after presenting their solutions.

Below you can read a short description of all 18 matches, starting with the solutions from round one and ending with the solutions from the fourth round of Tech Match:

Smart Conveyors
Baron Denmark & Stratio S.A.
The Smart Conveyor gathers production data and sends it to a cloud solution. The data will be available for the individual user in an online dashboard. With this data, users can predict when equipment will need to be serviced or replaced.

Exoskeletons for Bricklayers
FB Group & Laevo B.V.
The Exoskeleton is an auxiliary device to be mounted on the back of individual bricklayers. The auxiliary device retains the energy produced from movement, which is then released when lifting is done. By reducing strenuous lifting and monotonous movements, bricklayers avoid being worn down in the workplace.

Manhole Covers Made Smart
NID & Cthings
A ”smart manhole cover”; is a composite cover that can measure the level and flow of water in sewage wells. Water level measurement can directly counteract flooding of urban and rural areas by making it possible for suppliers to act proactively when and if the water rises.

Object Recognition for Urban Planning
Schulze+Grassov & Heptasense
The object recognition solution consists of a web-based platform that processes and maps large quantities of video data by using machine learning algorithms (AI). The objects can be bicycles, cars, trees, and pedestrians.

Recycling Water Unit
GXN & Nordphos
The Recycling Water Unit filters sewage water locally, before biological decomposition sets in, by a unique membrane system. This will produce a clean and nutrient-rich water fraction that can be used for the irrigation of parks, recreative areas, and for growing crops in and around buildings.

Automatic BR18 Functionality Testing with IoT Sensor
CxWeb & High Performance Creators
The IoT sensors collect operational data to provide more automated validations of technical installations, which can then be used as documentation in the commissioning process and/or the required BR18 testing.

Sunbird – Sustainable Solar Cell Roofs & Energy Communities
Ennogie & Inwebit
Smart meters collect and distribute production and consumption data from the electricity production of the solar roof. It distributes the electricity to the individual housing units in one or more housing communities.

Evalo – Robot for Cleaning & Repairing Mold Modules
Odico & Sentin GmbH
The Evalo is a stationary robot cell with an advanced object recognition camera that analysis the mold module and determines whether cleaning or repairing is necessary. Then, a robot control framework coordinates the movements of the robot to initiate cleaning or repairing. The solution automates a heavy and straining manual work process, and replaces it with an effective, robotized workflow.

EcoBuilders – Fossil-Free Emission from Construction
Enemærke & Petersen TRUST & Sensinov
A solution that monitors construction machinery, supply, biodiesel, etc. The data collection from smart electricity meters, motion-, and air quality sensors is calculated into CO2 consumption. The data collection is the documentation of fossil-free construction sites.

Automated Guided Vehicle for Construction Sites
HD Lab & HEBI Robotics
The modular AGV robot removes PCB paint etc. It is movable, hardy, and flexible for it to withstand the hazardous, and dusty environment of construction sites. It can be both remote controlled and move autonomously due to AI and sensors.

Healthy Indoor Light
LYS Technologies & Wings ICT
The Healthy Indoor Light is an intelligent, human-centric, and healthy lighting control system that adapts to the individual user. The system is designed to provide people with the right light at the right time. It is composed of a smart application that determines the light needed and controls connected bulbs. Light as a Service (LAAS) is a new and unique way to buy light.

Integration of Material Delivery for Construction
SiteHub & ProperGate
The integration between SiteHub’s and Propergate’s platforms ensures that ProperGate can integrate with MS Project – one of the most used project management tools on the market. This ensures a real-time data flow throughout the supply chain to the construction site, which can secure materials just in time and in accordance with the project plan.

Intelligent Drying of Concrete
Maturix & Amper S&C
Intelligent drying of concrete is achieved by sensors measuring temperature and moisture in the concrete. The sensor data is used to power on and off heaters and dehumidifiers through an IoT power outlet. The solution reduces the electricity consumption by approx. 30-50 %.

Digital Labeling of Electrical Installations
Simplewire & Futurebox
Simplewire is installed in a circuit breaker panel. A digital signal with the name of the corresponding fuse will be embedded in the wires. By using the Simplewire scanner on wires, sockets, and outlets, it will be possible to easily detect which fuses they correspond to. The overview of cable haulage and electrical work in buildings will save time and money for electricians.

Unlimited Access to Meeting Rooms
Joes & Cos & TSH Group
An app and platform that gives people a convenient way to book curated meeting rooms in unique spaces close to where they live in the city, as an alternative to meet at the workplace. The solution generates new income possibilities for real estate owners and supports the globally growing trend of wanting a flexible and hybrid work life.

An Intelligent Benchmarking Module
Ento Labs & Høje-Taastrup Municipality
A machine learning system that understands energy consumption in buildings based on information about the building. These variables include metadata such as area, application, and source of heating, but also time-sensitive variables such as weather, holidays, and other calendar information that affects the energy use in buildings.

Biobased Plastic Distance Block
Havnens Hænder & Pond
The HH Distance Block helps the green transition by replacing oil-based plastic with biobased plastic, which over time will become part of the cycle of nature. The purpose of the match is to focus on using more sustainable plastic for the built environment.

Wall Units with Straw Insulation
EcoCocon & JDH-Byg
The match with a pilot construction company has resulted in a more industrialized production of straw-insulated wall units. Now they can replace conventional wall units made of concrete or wood. Using straw insulated wall units contributes to a significant CO2 reduction.