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EcoCocon & JDH-Byg

The built environment is challenged when it comes to contributing to the green transition since it’s difficult to make the shift from conventional to biobased materials. EcoCocon aims to assist the green transition by making wall units with straw insulation. However, the challenge for the company is making their biobased units ready for industrial building processes.

This project elevates a sustainable CCUS technology (Carbon Capture, Usage, and Storage) from being a niche product to a solution suitable for industrial building processes.

The solution is a prefabrication of wall units with straw insulation. As a result, assembly time at the building site will be reduced by enabling indoor assembly by the construction company as wall units will be ready for mounting. Pre-mount electricity, plumbing, windows, inner- and outer sheathing is also in development.

EcoCocon’s wall units with straw insulations embed carbon wheres a standard wall emits carbon. The difference can easily be between 128 kg carbon pr. sqm. EcoCocon makes it possible for professional, selective craftsmen to see themselves as a part of the green transition, and for the agricultural sector to contribute by supplying biobased materials for the building industry.


Lars Keller
T.: +45 20 24 05 05

Samuel Møller Mydland
T: +45 25 26 05 12