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SiteHub  (Denmark) + ProperGate (Poland)

Time schedules in the built environment can be very changeable, and this puts pressure on the logistics concerning material deliveries and use of resources at the construction site. 10 percent of the total material consumption in the built environment is wasted in the building phase, and around 20 percent of the time at a construction site is spent on moving and/or looking for displaced materials.

The development of a central integration platform will make it possible to deliver materials in real-time according to the progress of the construction plan, which at the moment isn’t an option at Danish construction sites.

The solution is an integration platform between SiteHub’s and Propergate’s systems which will ensure that different digital tools used by the construction site actors will be accessible and tied together. This ensures a real-time data flow throughout the supply chain to the construction site, which can secure materials just in time.

This solution will save time when it comes to the management of deliveries for constructions sites, which further minimizes manual errors in an otherwise chaotic and stressed work environment. By making sure that materials are always delivered at the right place at the right time, the solution also contributes to sustainability in the built environment, where missing or damaged materials account for a lot of the waste produced in construction.


Frederik Krogsøe
T: +45 28 89 03 00

Anna Walkowska
T: +48 516 103 286