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Schulze+Grassov ApS (Denmark) & Heptasense (Portugal)

There is a high demand for quality assessment surveys of buildings and urban design objects to see whether they add positively or negatively to the quality of cities. At the moment the assessment tools cannot keep up, because the assessment surveys have to be done manually. There is a need for an automated solution.

Development of an automated web platform that can process large quantities of visual data to generate analyses and knowledge of the cities. This can be used for the sustainable development of urban areas.

The solution is the creation of a web-based platform made from learning algorithms with the potential to process large quantities of urban video data. Terrestrial and avian photogrammetry will be used to map data generated by e.g., drones, satellites, or CCTV surveillance systems. By processing this data, it will be possible to extract quantitative information on different kinds of objects in the urban area.

By using this solution, urban planners and builders increase their capacity and ability to plan and develop more sustainable cities based on quality parameters.


Schulze+Grassov ApS
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