Schulze+Grassov ApS (Danmark) & Heptasense (Portugal)

Here’s the challenge that this partnership will solve:
“We have developed unique criteria to assess urban quality in public spaces. Based on a set of well-defined spatial parameters, the framework is used to carry out on-site urban quality assessment surveys as part of our evidence-based urban design approach. However, the geographical size of the projects we have recently been commissioned to execute has been growing immensely, demanding us to execute city-wide surveys in limited time. This growth in size has been challenging our conventional survey tools that are executed by surveyors on-site. This calls for a paradigm shift in the way we conduct our urban quality assessment surveys. Therefore, we need a solution that helps us to automate our urban quality assessment surveys to identify building utility elements including satellite dishes, air-condition equipment, cables and other elements that detract from urban quality. For this we need to deploy state-of-art tools and technologies – e.g. drones, point cloud, & 3D scanning – to increase our capabilities to carry out large-scale surveys faster and with less manpower”.

Ricardo A. Santos
Heptasense, Portugal
(+351) 914 529 974