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LYS Technologies  (Denmark ) + WINGS ICT (Creece)

Scientific research shows that poor lighting in the workplace, where one spends most hours of everyday life, in the short term can have a direct impact on mental health, productivity, and general well-being. Research shows that incorrect light leads to lifestyle diseases and chronic diseases in the long run.

The solution will enable the new business model LAAS (Light As A Service) for the business-to-business (B2B) market.

The solution is the development of a human-centric, intelligent, and health-creating end-to-end lighting control system that adapts to the individual. The system is designed for indoor work environments. It is a platform solution as well as an app on subscription and delivery of the LED light source free of charge. Light as a Service (LAAS), is a new and unique way to buy light.

The mission is to help indoor workers to live healthier and smarter when it comes to lighting, and there is a lack of such solutions on the market. LYS makes it possible to create a higher quality of life through the built environment and the use of technology and data.


LYS Technologies
Hugo Starrsjo
T: +45 28 10 28 98

Dr. Andreas Georgakopoulos
T: + 30 215 50 11 555