Baron Denmark A/S (Denmark) and STRA, S.A (Portugal)

Here’s the challenge that this partnership will solve:
“3 years ago, we developed a new portable conveyor, where we installed a frequency converter which enabled us to have variable speed, run in both directions, and make a serial connection of up to 8 conveyors. All controlled from a master conveyor when it comes to speed and direction.

The frequency converter collects data, which we want to get access to via a SIM Card. Data available will – via the right software – enable us to read the wear and tear of the conveyor and making it possible for us to give our customers an overview of their fleet of conveyors: which conveyors needs to have a service check – prolong lifetime, and which needs to be renewed”.

Ricardo Margalho
Stra, Lda., Portugal
(+351) 916294205