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Baron Denmark A/S (Denmark) & STRATIO (Portugal)

In the built environment there are no reports on operation hours and wear and tear of individual conveyor belts, which makes it difficult to get an overview of which conveyor belts need service control, and which need replacing.

The product has features and is within a price range that isn’t common for the market. The solution will contribute to a heightened focus on reducing the costs of downtime.

The solution gathers and stores data from production machines in the built environment, which is then sent to a cloud solution. The data will be used for a service report for the individual customer, with this data it can be predicted when the equipment will need service or needs to be replaced.

With this solution, the lifespan of conveyor belts can be prolonged by creating a timely focus on service. Downtime will also be avoidable, and customers can be advised on optimized timing for the replacement of conveyor belts.


Baron Denmark
Carsten Filsø
T:  +45 41 61 94 07

Ricardo Margalho
T: +351 913 038 971