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Enemærke & Petersen TRUST Projektkontor (Denmark) + SENSINOV (France)

It is hard to gather information and data on carbon emissions from construction sites, and therefore difficult to assess what measures must be taken in order to create emission-free construction sites.

The use of big data analysis makes it possible to compare energy, noise, and pollution rates at different construction sites. With this information, it is possible to take corrective actions.

The solution will collect carbon data to document the effect of efforts towards reductions for all involved parties. The data collection will be automated with a digital sensor-based solution that monitors construction machinery, supply, biodiesel, etc.

A substantial reduction in operating costs for construction sites regarding energy efficiency. Likewise, noise and pollution will be reduced, which in turn increases safety at the site. The solution will also contribute to the climate targets of 2030 by reducing carbon emissions in the built environment.


Enemærke & Petersen TRUST Projektkontor
Anders Strange Sørensen
T: +45 41 39 31 00

Mahdi Ben Alaya
T: +33 671 939 045