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HD Lab (Denmark) + HEBI Robotics (Austria)

Remediation work lessens the amount of hazardous waste and thereby the costs of demolition and renovation. But the work is time-consuming, requires heavy equipment, and often comes with bad working environments, resulting in fluctuating labor and a high rate of employee turnover.

This solution adds a robot platform to the already existing remediation robot. The robot platform is modular and can be connected or extended, which makes it possible to configure the load-bearing capacity and dimensions of the robot specifically to the job at hand.

The platform, which the remediation robot can be mounted on, is movable, hardy, and flexible in order for it to withstand the hazardous, dusty, and noisy environment of construction projects. It can be remote controlled and move autonomously owing to artificial intelligence, sensors, and algorithms.

Being automated and modular, the robot platform makes it possible to remove workers from some of the manual, hazardous, and physically straining tasks of a construction site.


HD Lab
Niels W. Falk
T: +45 21 42 96 76

HEBI Robotics
Florian Enner
T: +43 664 433 9173