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Simplewire ApS & Copenhagen Airports A/S

In older buildings, a lot of time is spent on making sense of the electrical installations and circuit breaker panels. Often these installations have been modified several times, and therefore a large portion of the installations aren’t properly marked. This means that any remodeling or error detection is time-consuming and very costly.

The product will solve a problem that has existed for as long as electricity itself. Until now, the problem has been solved by labeling electrical sockets. With Simplewire it will become a fully automatized solution.

Simplewire is installed in a circuit breaker panel. A digital signal with the name of the corresponding fuse will be embedded in the wires. By using the Simplewire scanner on wires, sockets, and outlets, it will be possible to easily detect which fuses they correspond to.

The solution gives a full overview of cable haulage and electrical work in buildings, which will save time and money for electricians, reduce the risk of downtime and minimize potential damages to people.


Dennis True
T: +45 30 13 99 50

Copenhagen Airports International
Claus Ancher Vantore
T: +45 27 58 05 13