Activities in CIRCLE HOUSE LAB


Join us in our activities and contribute to influence the future circular building standards


The Laboratory is currently doing investigations under the theme Selective Demolition. This will be second of six focus areas, investigating the transition to a circular building industry.


Join Circle House Lab’s fieldtrip and see how selective demolition takes place in practice as well as how the building materials are handled and recycled.


Join our workshop on Selective Demolition and get answers on how we best recycle our existing buildings.


Take part in the international Circle House summit. The essential discoveries from the laboratories and the key points from the Green Paper will be presented and discussed in an international forum. The first summit will be held in Maj.

Who is behind the Circle House Lab

Circle House Lab builds on the circle of companies behind the Circle House project.

Circle House Lab is a continuation of the company developments and collaborations from the project Circle House. With Lejersbo as the developer, Circle House is designed to be the world’s first residential building constructed according to circular principles. The aim of Circle House is to create a circular example that is offered and built on market conditions. The project is expected to be completed in 2021.

Circle House Lab is run by GXN and Responsible Assets, in collaboration with Danish Standard.

Circle House Lab is anchored physically and digitally at BLOXHUB, where knowledge from projects and events can be accessed. The project is supported by: Realdania and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s Development and Demonstration Pool (MUDP).

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