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Dalux + selected companies from the BLOXHUB ecosystem


2017 –


Through an Urban Partnerships workshop, these players joined forces to test and prototype an easy-to-use augmented reality for the construction industry – allowing you to interact with your cellphone.


To optimize work processes and minimize misunderstandings which save time and money on a construction project.


The construction tech-company Dalux were among the first to test out a new solution in BLOXHUB. Today, the Dalux BIM viewer is used all over Europe.

“We had a technology that we strongly felt would be able to make a difference for the construction industry. But would it make an actual impact in the sector or would it be considered to be technology for technology’s sake?”, said Torben Dalgaard, CEO, Dalux.

Testing the prototype
Together with selected stakeholders from the BLOXHUB community, we put together an Urban Partnerships workshop to test the first prototype and evaluate.

The workshop helped Dalux to build on their idea with crucial input from the participants, and a number of them committed to join more prototype processes and further collaboration.

“We were about to make a major investment in product development. Getting qualified feedback from different stakeholders in the industry were crucial.”

Today, the Dalux BIM viewer is the most downloaded construction app in the Nordics.

“We had a technology that we strongly felt would benefit the construction industry. BLOXHUB was a safe space with the right community to test the solution”, Torben Dalgaard, CEO, Dalux.

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