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Enemærke & Petersen + The TRUST consortium +Hubbster, Kant Arkitekter, Ajos, FM Bygningsdrift, Søndergaard A/S, DGI, Outsider, Rekommanderet, Byggeri København, Innovationshuset, Børne og Ungdomsforvaltningen, Iluft, Giv Rum, Bedre Byggeprocesser, Institut for Psykologi, Barberens Stillads, Århus Kommune, UCC, Forskning og Udvikling, Uniqa & Peter Hesseldahl


2019 –


Through an Urban Partnerships workshop, BLOXHUB matched these players to found out how to create building sites on schools that create value. Together, they developed an “activity and learning fence” to create value, learnings and positive activities for affected children.


Throughout the next four years, the City of Copenhagen is renovating a large number of schools which will affect the children.


These companies from the BLOXHUB ecosystem were matched with the Trust Consortium in an Urban Partnerships workshop. The Trust consortium has a general agreement with the municipality of Copenhagen on renovating lots of public schools within the next four years.

At the workshop, the companies and organizations explored how building sites at the schools can be used much more actively than they are now – creating value that lasts past the end of the building process, to the benefit of pupils, teachers, neighbours and the surrounding environment in general.

Together, they created several ideas to solve the issue and turn the focus away from the negative effects the nuisance create value to the pupils rather than experiencing only the negative effects of a building site.

Today, the activity and learning fence is to be found on several building sites in Copenhagen for the benefit of teachers, pupils and citizens.

Quote: ”The BLOXHUB matching process helped qualify this idea and bring together the right team to execute it.” Anders Sørensen, Business Developer, Enemærke & Petersen.