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The BLOXHUB network is growing. 1.5 years ago, BLOXHUB opened its co-working space as part of the BLOX building in Copenhagen. The vision was clear – to make cities sustainable based on the idea that cross-field collaboration creates innovative solutions that are much needed.

The latest impressive numbers of tenants and members in BLOXHUB indicate a growing desire to collaborate on making cities more sustainable: “With a current number of 640 tenants distributed across 111 companies & 350 member companies in total, things are going well, and the numbers are exceeding our expectations” says BLOXHUB CEO Torben Klitgaard and continues: “BLOXHUB is a unique professional environment for those who see partnerships as an important tool to create and implement urban improvements. And with a community this big, we can provide great collaborative business opportunities”.

In the coming year, BLOXHUB will launches a new partnership program called “Urban Partnerships” which will create both national and international opportunities for the BLOXHUB members through the establishment of partnerships, knowledge sharing and collaboration. “By being part of this growing community, you gain access to a wealth of skills, potential partners, and a stronger platform for getting your products and services exposed to a broad and global audience, which really invests in sustainable development – even in more uncertain times – and that is the goal for BLOXHUB.”, Says BLOXHUB CEO, Torben Klitgaard.

BLOXHUB is founded by Realdania, the Ministry of Industry and the City of Copenhagen.