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Urban Partnerships

Ideation Workshop



“The diversity and complexity of the problem mirrored the selection of workshop participants in a wonderful way. Some were advisors and users, others were problem owners, students, researchers, etc. In ARUP we are interdisciplinary ourselves – we are a large company with many employees, but an Urban Partnerships workshop adds layers of complexity, because you get a constructive debate out of the widely differing perspectives and opinions, which is a good driver for development.”

Kristian Winther
Associate, Arup

How can bicycle parking in Copenhagen be optimized through partnerships across sectors?

How can bicycle parking in Copenhagen be optimized in a way that is adapted to individual urban spaces and the diverse needs of the city’s cyclists? How can new technology, inclusive and behavioral design as well as new partnerships across sectors be integrated into the solutions?

The challenge
BLOXHUB’s Urban Partnerships team co-organized an interdisciplinary workshop with Arup to investigate the matter with the help of experts in design, architecture, future research, intelligent mobility and sociology as well as business people, interest groups and representatives from the City of Copenhagen.

Three challenges were unfolded and condensed into three different solutions concepts:

  1. How can incentives for behavior change alleviate the experience of the city’s insufficient bicycle parking capacity?
  2. How can technology integrated into urban spaces contribute to solving the lack of capacity?
  3. How can partnerships across sectors, between all or a selection of private and public actors, users, interest groups, etc., contribute to solving the capacity challenge?


Commercial opportunity
Denmark is at the forefront of creating space for bicycles, both in terms of mobility and parking.

Well-designed bicycle parking means a well-organized urban space, pedestrian accessibility, greater use of collective transport, support of local shops, etc. The catalog of ideas developed at the workshop can be used abroad by municipalities and architectural firms as inspiration for local development and construction.

Innovation capacity
Three challenges were unfolded and condensed into 3 different solution concepts:

  1. Pro parking:
    Guiding cyclists into attractive alternative par- king areas sponsored by traders.
  2. Parking keyboard:
    The parking keyboard is a visual indication of par- king spaces for a number of different types of bicycles
  3. Shop swap:
    Bicycle parking in front of shop fronts and the shops’ back rooms are swapped around, leaving room for outdoor seating and window shopping

Business network
Participating organizations: iNudgeyou, University of Copenhagen, City of Copenhagen, Lolle & Niel- sen Inventions, Aalborg Uni- versity, Copenhagen Bike Community, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studi- es, Copenhagen Solutions Lab, Cyklistforbundet Kø- benhavn, Donkey Republic, DTU, Miljø punkt Nørrebro, Out-sider, Technolution B.V.