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The annual General Meeting 2024 at BLOXHUB is coming up and presents an opportunity for members to actively shape the future of the organization. At this meeting, the election for the board representative will take place, providing a crucial platform for member involvement in decision-making.

Previously held by founder of Copenhagen Windows, Thomas Fokdal, who served for two years, the member representative position for the board is now open for election.

This leaves a chance for you to nominate yourself or a fellow member whom you believe will effectively represent members’s interests on the Board of Directors.

Election Details and Rules

 The selected representative will serve on the Board of Directors, advocating for the interests and objectives of BLOXHUB.

Candidates must be management-level employees of enterprises that are tenants in BLOXHUB and have been active within our community for 12 months.

Candidates must prioritize BLOXHUB’s objectives and interests, aligning with the mission of our community.

Any candidacy must be submitted in writing to the Board, along with a short candidate presentation.

If you are interested in the position, please reach out and schedule a meeting with CEO Torben Klitgaard,

The candidacy application deadline is 8 April 2024.