Havnens Hænder ApS & POND A/S & Knudsen Kilen A/S

The building industry uses an enormous amount of plastic wedges. No one has yet tested biobased plastic in the building industry, and therefore there is no solid and valid reference foundation for the use of it.

POND has developed a new kind of biobased plastic, and Knudsen Kilen has supplied plastic wedges for the building industry for a very long time. By connecting the two, Havnens Hænder wants to show a new way for cross-collaboration in Denmark.

The solution replaces conventional plastic wedges in the built environment with biobased and biodegradable plastic wedges, which over time will become part of the cycle of nature.

The solution helps the green transition by replacing oil-based plastic with biobased plastic.



Havnens Hænder: Magnus Henriques, magnus@havnens-h.dk
POND: Thomas Brorsen Pedersen, thomas@pond.global
Knudsen Kilen: Ulrik Overland, uo@knudsenkilen.dk