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BLOXHUB Roundtable

Our mission is to Bridge Urban Challenges of Today with Solutions of Tomorrow

How it works

Roundtable is a 2-hour online meeting centered around a specific topic within the area of urban sustainability.

A fast-track discussion of challenges, opportunities and ideas for how businesses can innovate and gain new markets.

To ensure dialogue and involvement of all participants, there will be a maximum of 7-8 member companies per meeting.

Roundtables are for BLOXHUB members only.

Expand your horizons

“By putting a diverse group of business executives in the same room BLOXHUB Roundtable creates a space for creative discussions about how the corona crisis can be used as a wake-up call to do things not only differently, but better. You really expand your horizons by collaborating and listening to each other’s different perspectives in such a situation.”

Daniel Bachmann, CEO, IIOTD A/S & Ocutune ApS

Would you like to hear more about BLOXHUB Roundtable? I’m ready to help.

Lotte Christina Breengaard, Program Director 
Tlf. +45 22 68 46 43