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Regenerate Now

A Campaign for a World in Balance

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies and BLOXHUB invite you to a series of events where we embark on an exploration of a regenerative world.

The cities of the future will be larger and more complex, presenting a number of global challenges and opportunities for the 21st century. Demographic shifts, new needs and expectations, technological development, environmental threats, economic (de)growth and (in)equality and political uncertainty are just some of the major changes taking place. Today, cities represent an emerging global governing power, crucial to addressing and solving some of the world’s most pressing issues. This puts cities on the forefront of a regenerative transformation. By undertaking radical shifts and rethinking our current systems we can transform neighbourhoods, cities, and region, moving toward a regenerative transformation.

To regenerate means not only to do less harm, but to become a positive force that restores, renews, regrows, and revitalises and that gives back more than we take, just like the many ecological systems we can find and experience in nature: from the cells in our bodies, to a forest after fire. Through these events, we will explore how we can create a regenerative world that works within the planetary boundaries and ecological systems to create a future where humankind, nature and our cities can all thrive and flourish.

REGENERATE NOW – Shifting perspectives

REGENERATE NOW aims to move beyond the narratives of sustainability and move into a space where we not only minimise the damages of the current path of environmental degradation and climate change, but where we give back more than we take to create a positive impact for all life on this planet. It will require thinking of our society as an ecosystem where everything is connected at all scales, shifting our value system, and reimagining our social, ecological, and technological systems, establishing a society where we live in symbiosis with the rest of the planet.

Through this series of events, we will explore the shifting perspectives within three themes to REGENERATE:

We believe the time for this reimagination is now and we invite you on this exploration to REGENERATE NOW.


How can we become a positive force for a regenerative transformation?

Panel debate with Maya Færch, Nikolaj Sveistrup, and Enlai Hooi.
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How can we reimagine our values, behaviour, and culture to create a radical departure towards a regenerative transformation?

Panel debate with Sustainable Psychologist Simon Elsborg Nygaard and Nature Positive Catalyst Sophie Wisbrun-Overakker.

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How can architecture become a force towards regenerative cities?

Panel debate with Associated Partner at the Institute Nikolaj Sveistrup and Business Consultant Peter Mørk.

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How can we reimagine our cities for a regenerative transformation?

Panel debate with Jo Da Silva, Global Director of Sustainable Development at Arup and Nikolaj Sveistrup, associated Partner at Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. The debate was a part of Nordic Talks in the series The Nordics 2050: What could the future look like?”

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How can we create a regenerative transformation for a better future for planet, nature, and humankind?
Panel debate with Stefano Ponte, professor of International Political Economy at CBS, Geanne Van Arkel, Strategic Sparring Partner on Regeneration, Finn Williams, City Architect of Malmö, Arthur Huang Founder/CEO Miniwiz.
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Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies and BLOXHUB have come together to put the regenerative transformation on the agenda. We believe this transformation is necessary to move towards a world where not only humans, but all of the living world can thrive, and our cities plays a crucial part towards this transformation.  

Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS) is an independent, non-profit futures think-tank. CIFS equip and inspire individuals and organisations to act on the future, today. The institutes mission is to actively contribute to the betterment of society by leveraging our multidisciplinary capabilities within futures studies and foresight. 

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