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Factory Hammerbrooklyn & BLOXHUB: The Danish – German Innovation Lab

BLOXHUB and the Hamburg based Factory Hammerbrooklyn have joined forces in creating `The Danish – German Innovation Lab´. The aim is to foster partnerships, share and disseminate knowledge and create the best innovation environment for co-creating sustainable urban solutions.

German Danish innovation lab BLOXHUB Hammerbrooklyn

Co-creating a sustainable urban future across sectors and borders

BLOXHUB and Factory Hammerbrooklyn believe that the best solutions are reached through partnerships, and the shared innovation process will give the two communities new insights, inspiration, and tools to work strategically and concretely with sustainable urban development.

Furthermore, the collaboration will introduce new markets, opportunities, and relationships between companies and people in the two cities. Together, Factory Hammerbrooklyn and BLOXHUB represent extensive networks within a broad range of sectors.

We can boost our global competitiveness if we focus on solving the challenges of the future together without restricting ourselves to thinking in terms of national borders. Europe is a powerful player on the world stage when it comes to the green transition, urban technology, and liveability. It only makes sense to motivate and support collaboration between innovation communities like this to increase business potential, network and competitive advantages in a broader context.

Torben Klitgaard

Stronger together

BLOXHUB and Factory Hammerbrooklyn´s curated communities help businesses connect and collaborate with thought leaders, change-makers, and industry experts. The constant interdisciplinary interaction within the ecosystem stimulates new ways of thinking and solutions. All activities and events are designed to foster knowledge sharing, networking, collaboration and interaction across industries and levels.

Together we make an even stronger ecosystem for innovation. Together we re-imagine collaboration by connecting businesses and people, ideas, and resources across borders to impact our communities, surroundings, and the world.


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Photo: Julia Schwendner

Factory Hammerbrooklyn BLOXHUB innovation lab

Re-imagine collaboration by connecting businesses and people

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