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Krydsrum Arkitekter + Enemærke & Petersen


2019 –


Through an Urban Partnerships workshop, BLOXHUB helped the circular construction start-up Næste to create strong partnerships and a sustainable business model.


Næste is a shed for bicycles or garbage sorting made from upcycled materials. Compared to conventional sheds, Næste saves 3-18 tons of CO2 per shed.


The Danish start-up company Næste is a great example of how partnerships can drive green innovations:

After a thorough matchmaking & development process in BLOXHUB, Næste participated in – and won – Realdania’s Circular Construction Challenge. Together, this led to new strong partnerships, a sustainable business model and not least: first customers.

The first prototype was built in 2019 and today, the Næste skur is to be found by public schools and rental apartments and orders are ticking in.

“BLOXHUB and Realdania made it possible for us to create a strong and perhaps unusual collaboration across the building industry witch, among other things, made it possible to create a sustainable business model”, Niels Jakubiak Andersen, Founding Partner, Næste.