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Badmodul, Enemærke & Petersen and Dansk Byggeri


2019 – 2020


This project was formed in an Urban Partnerships workshop by BLOXHUB. The result is a new concept for renovating a bathroom in just 11 days.


Renovating bathrooms is a long process. So long, that it has bothered the building industry for many years considering the fact, that it is highly intrusive to be without a bathroom for several months.


Is it possible to reduce the time period of renovating a bathroom from 8 weeks to 11 days?

The long renovation time of a bathroom has bothered the construction industry for many years; especially considering the fact that it is fairly intrusive for people to be without a bathroom for several months. The building industry has therefore requested more efficient workflows for years.

In an Urban Partnerships workshop in BLOXHUB, we matched Badmodul, Enemærke & Petersen and Dansk Byggeri and together they created some very interesting calculations showing that in theory, it would be possible to significantly reduce the renovation time of a bathroom to less than one-fifth of the time.

The three players decided to carry on after the workshop and take the idea even further. The Innovation Fund Denmark decided to support the project and help create a pilot project.

The pilot was very successful and proved that a full bathroom renovation can be carried out in just 11 days.

Quote: “We actually succeded to complete the work – in just 11 days. The pilot project has been monitored and documented, and the results will be made available to everyone else in the industry – free of charge.” Mads Andreasen, CEO, Badmodul. and Build also participated in the Urban Partnerships workshop with input and knowledge sharing.