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City of Lausanne + Losinger Marazi + Startup Company Hubbster


2018 –


Through a delegation visit in BLOXHUB, Danish Start-up company Hubbster was matched with a large Swizz developer. The matchmaking led to a signed contract and export to Switzerland.


As cities grow denser, the need to build strong, healthy communities becomes more urgent.  This solution activates people in urban spaces with games, training equipment and technology.


As a result of a delegation visit in BLOXHUB from Swizz building industry purchasers, the Danish start-up company Hubbster was matched with the major Swiss developer Losinger Marazzi.

The two companies initiated a partnership and have now signed a contract on a residential project in Lausanne, Switzerland. Hubbster is now part of a larger project that goes into the ground by 2021. The property developer is building a larger residential area, where Hubbsters solution will be fully integrated into the overall solution.

Hubbster’s product is an app that works as a digital key that notifies the user about nearby hubs and allows them to access games and training equipment and find potential gaming partners.

Quote: “As a startup, there is a limit to your global reach. The matching process in BLOXHUB has been crucial for our business. BLOXHUB is the ideal matchmaker for the built environment and as a co-working space, it is more than a community. It is a space for co-creation” says founding partner Peter Just.