PhD project within Circular Built Environment


Andreas de Gier,
Industrial PhD


Enemærke & Petersen A/S,
Aalborg University,
Chalmers University of Technology


From policy to practice: Towards a circular waste and resource management on construction sites

Circular building is a key link in the reduction of the resource consumption and impact on the climate. Handling of building and construction waste is an important part of the contribution of the entrepreneur to circular building. The project examines and develops methods and strategies for effective exploitation of resources and waste from building sites which can help the entrepreneur securing constant development and compliance with new regulatory demands and initiatives in the circular transformation.


Buser, M., Gottlieb, S. C., Gier, A. J. D., & Andersson, R. (2021). From Concept to Practice: Implementation of Circular Building as a Process of Translation. I L. Scott, & C. Neilson (red.), Proceedings of the 37th Annual ARCOM Conference (s. 584-593)
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