PhD project within Circular Built Environment


Sarah C. Andersen,
Industrial PhD


Danish Technological Institute,
University of Southern Denmark, SDU,
Aalborg University, BUILD


Novel framework for decision support regarding sustainability of circular economy within the built environment (EMBRACER)

The overall aim of the project is to develop more valid, targeted, representative and equable data about the environmental consequences of the construction field and the utilized economic models on both the construction, industry and society level.

In this way the method is adjusted to environmental assessment of construction principles and economic models for the real world and sustains the development of circular solutions of high quality which does not counteract/interact with the development of society in a negative manner.


Andersen, S.C.; Birgisdottir, H.; Birkved, M. Life Cycle Assessments of Circular Economy in the Built Environment – A Scoping Review. Sustainability 202214, 6887.
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