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Rockwool Innovation and startup company Zhelt


2019 – 2020


Rockwool and startup company Zhelt was matched in BLOXHUB to join forces and co-create a sustainable mobile barrier for security and human defence against heavy vehicles, bullets and bomb fragments.


To protect urban areas against potential terror attacks in a sustainable and aesthetically matter.


Zhelt and Rockwool Innovation are both part of the BLOXHUB Community and were matched by BLOXHUB Staff. Together, they have created a brand new innovation to protect city squares or other areas in cities in a mobile and sustainable way. Zhelt & Rockwool already shipped their first order to a large Danish city and more orders are underway.

The Innovation:  The water (95%) in the stone wool fibre creates endless small water pockets that can absorb and distribute the energy more efficiently in the ballistic dampening material. The technology is patented.

Quote: “BLOXHUB Hooked me up with Rockwool Innovation. As a small startup company, it is extremely important to be part of this network – I would not have been able to make this innovation without” CEO, Zhelt Human Defence.