Grand Solutions

Through the Grand Solution program, companies and research institutions join forces to solve the construction sectors challenges with the transition to a Circular Resource Economy.

Business Reuse

A significant barrier for direct recycling of building components is the lack of standards, certification- and documentation systems. This lack of such entails a significant documentation burden and financial risk for the client, who chooses these in a construction project.

In the consortium BusinessReuse, DTU, Rambøll, Center for SMEs and Gate 21 amongst others are joining forces to develop a new system that will classify recycled materials for construction. And then a quality test of recycled materials made of concrete, wood and steel must be developed, so that it becomes as easy and safe for the construction industry to choose recycled materials as it is to choose new materials.

The overall success criterion is therefore to equate the choice of recycled components and new components in construction projects, and on this basis make it possible to develop business concepts based on the use of recycled components.

DTU leads the consortium, which consists of 8 partners:

Adsbøll Renovering A/S
Center for SMV, Aarhus Universitet
Dansk Standard
DTU Skylab
Gate 21
Lendager Group

Circle bank

One of the crucial challenges in scaling circular construction is the availability of relevant building materials in the right quality and at the right time and place.

The Circle Bank consortium consists of the Danish Technological Institute, the University of Southern Denmark, Danica Ejendomme and a number of players in digitization amongst others. Together, they must develop a materials bank (a ‘value hub’) where construction resources with documented value and quality can be exchanged to support circular economy in the construction sector.

Circle Bank must take the form of a common, digital platform for the industry, which acts as a circular decision support tool for building owners, companies and other players in the construction industry, where you can find and trade used materials.

Teknologisk Institut leads the consortium, which consists of 12 partners:

CB Nordic ApS
Tredje Natur
Matter bybrix
J Jensen
HD Lab
Teknologisk Institut, Byggeri & Anlæg
Syddansk Universitet
Danica Ejendomme
Middelfart Kommune
Roskilde Kommune

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